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Dear friends and colleagues musicians,

It's been a while since I started to think about building a website where I could share my work with you and, at the same time, present useful and interesting stuff to all the musicians. So...take a look around!

Here you can listen to a few samples of my Music and download the respective scores in pdf format. Visit the "Scores" section where you can also download scores from famous composers.

On the Links section you can find shortcuts to the websites of famous composers, music software companies and sites where you can download hundreds of scores of great music!
In the "Musician's Corner" you will always find interesting stuff related to music.

Feel free to E-mail me at, or use the Contact button, with questions, comments or suggestions.

All the best...

Welcome to my web site
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Adagio Lamentoso, a work for string orchestra dedicated to Gustav Mahler, now available for download in My Music section;

Farewell, for string orchestra, contralto solo and choir now available in My Music section;


Want to copyright your works? Check the  WorldWideOCR page in the "Musician's Corner"!


Rapsódia Brasileira (Brazilian Rhapsody) for full orchestra and Brazilian percussion ensemble available in the My Music section. Full score in PDF also available!

Copyright © 2007 Bruno Miranda
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"Rapsódia Brasileira" by Bruno Miranda
"Farewell" by Bruno Miranda
Overture 1812 by Tchaikovsky (full score)
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